Brilliant teams are the foundation of a brilliant culture

Are you enabling your teams to share the right stories?

Cultural change doesn’t occur from the top down. It doesn’t happen because of an organisational directive. The key to culture change is building a shared language that enables teams to excel.

Just like in ancient tribal societies, an organisation’s culture is created from the stories we tell, the many ways we interact, and the values and beliefs we share. This is something that evolves over a long period – one story, one action, one conversation at a time.

Leaders can’t directly impose a culture change. But what they can do is influence their team’s climate to be healthy, supportive and change-ready. When this happens, the individuals within the team share a common language that brings them together. People feel safer, more connected to each other, more optimistic and more engaged. They feel more like a tribe.

We enable your leaders to influence their team’s climate, so that pockets of brilliance start to spread throughout your entire organisation.

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We’re a tribe of Strategic HR Specialists, Psychologists and Executive Coaches who are united by a passion for how social dynamics can transform business results. We combine cutting-edge research, powerful analytics and neuroscience to help organisations create environments where teams become pockets of brilliance.

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